A way to remember these skills is to remember the term ABC PLEASE.

A – Accumulate positive emotions.

Short term – Do pleasant things that are possible now.

Do one thing every day from a pleasant events list.

Be mindful of pleasant events and focus your attention on them when they are happening.

Long term – make more changes in your life so that positive events will happen more often in the future. Build a “life worth living”.

  • Step 1: Avoid avoiding.  Start now to do what is needed to build the life you want.
  • Step 2: Identify values that are important to you.
  • Step 3: Identify one value to work on now
  • Step 4: Identify a few goals related to this value
  • Step 5: Choose one goal to work on now
  • Step 6: Identify small action steps towards your goal
  • Step 7: Take one action step now

This doesn’t mean negative events and emotions won’t happen, that is impossible.

B – Build Mastery

Do things that make you feel competent and effective to combat helplessness and hopelessness.

Plan on doing one thing per day to build a sense of accomplishment.

Plan for success, not failure.

Gradually increase the difficulty over time

Look for a challenge.

C – Cope Ahead

Rehearse with a plan ahead of time so that you are prepared to cope skillfully with emotional situations.

  1. Describe the situation in a factual way using your 5 senses
  2. Decide which coping or problem-solving skills you want to use.  Write in detail.
  3. Imagine the situation in your mind as vividly as possible
  4. Rehearse in your mind coping effectively, your actions, your thoughts, what you say, how you say it.
  5. Practice relaxation afterwards.


Treat PhysicaL Illness, balance Eating, avoid mood Altering subatances, balance Sleep, get Exercise.