May has been a tough tough month.

My medication was adjusted which led to me sleeping through most of it, I am thankful it has now been adjusted again to a dosage which allows me to experience some life.  The current combination of Olanzapine and an SSRI seems to be working but it’s still early days with the SSRI added in.  I am concerned about going too ‘high’ but am confident that the medical staff are keeping a close eye on me.  Being on the high dose olanzapine alone was just too much for me and I felt like I was just sleeping the time away.

The other big change in May was that I lost my job and so have had to deal with the fallout from that.  I am now back claiming benefits and trying to get myself stable enough that I can either start my own business or apply for other jobs.  I kind of feel like I need to take a little bit of time to reflect on what I really want from life but I don’t have the luxury of too much time due to financial reasons.

Some positive things from May include attending the Action for Happiness group.   I have been writing up each session on here for my own records so I hope some of you have found them useful.  The topics each week have been interesting and I have picked up some useful pieces of advice.  It really is a great course to do if you get the chance, the group of people I have met are so nice too.

I have also been attending a ‘Managing Emotions’ course each week too which has been useful.  Again, I have been writing them up on here each week just in case they are useful to anyone else.

All in all I am glad May is over, roll on a happier more productive June 🙂