Each emotion has an action urge associated with it.  For example when sad you feel like hiding away from the world.  One way of managing your emotions is to do opposite action, in other words act in the opposite way to the action urge.

  • Fear – action urge is to run away – opposite action is to not avoid
  • Anger – action urge is to attack – opposite action is to gently avoid
  • Sadness – action urge to withdraw – opposite action is to get active
  • Shame – action urge to hide – opposite action – tell someone who will understand

How to do Opposite Actions

Step 1 – Identify and name the emotion you want to change

Step 2 – Check the facts to see if your emotion is justified

Step 3 – Identify and describe your action urges

Step 4 – Ask wise mind – is acting on the emotion effective at this time?

Step 5 – Identify opposite actions

Step 6 – Act opposite all the way (facial expression, posture, muscle tone, gesture, tone of though, tone of voice.

Step 7 – repeat acting opposite until your emotion changes.