I’m trying to make up for having a few days off blogging, you know it’s like waiting for a bus: you wait for hours then three come along at once!

So I thought I’d do a general update on my life.

As you know if you read last week, I officially lost my job on Friday.  I had a suspicion it was coming so it wasn’t completely out of the blue.  Schools here are struggling financially and they just can’t afford to have someone off sick.  I can’t write too much about the situation here as I’m still deciding if I should appeal the decision or not.  In some ways it is a relief but I am worried about the financial implications.

I am still attending my groups: Tuesday is managing emotions and Wednesday is action for happiness.  At least it means I get out of the house and am with people.  I am going to put Mondays aside to work on my counselling course and a business idea I have.  Thursdays are going to become weight management group and Fridays are a day of self care and reflection.  The weekend is all about my daughter.

So, yes I went to my doctor to ask for help with my weight as I’ve put so much on with the olanzapine.  She referred me to a weight management group which begins tomorrow.  I’m anxious because it is new but it is a positive step I think.

The other big event which I feel like I need to talk about is the Manchester bombing.  I live about 30-miles from where it happened and have been to a few shows at that arena.  Also having a daughter the same age as some of those involved makes it hit home even harder.  I can’t understand what goes through someone’s mind to make someone commit something like that, especially to children.  No-one should fear having fun at a concert.  It is unbelievable.

I’m sorry I haven’t read and commented on many blogs, that is my next job so feel free to leave me links to read 🙂