This is a new concept to me so I thought I would share.

There are three states of mind: reasonable mind, emotion mind and wise mind.

wise mind 1


Reasonable mind is: cool, rational and task focused.  When you are in reasonable mind you are ruled by facts, reason, logic and pragmatics.  Values and feelings are not important.

Emotional mind is: hot, mood-dependent and emotion-focused.  When in emotion mind you are ruled by your moods, feelings and urges to do or say things.  Facts, reason and logic are not important.

Wise mind is: the wisdom in each person, seeing the value of facts and motions, brings left and right brain together.

Ideas for practising wise mind

Mindfulness is one way to practise being in wise mind more often.  It is useful to practise when you don’t need the skill so that it becomes automatic in times when you do need it.

Some specific ways to practise mindfulness for wise mind are:

  1. Stone flake on the lake.  Imagine you are by a clear blue lake on a sunny day.  Then imagine you are a small flake of stone, flat and light.  Imagine you have been tossed out into the lake and are now gently, slowly, floating through the calm clear blue water to the lake’s smooth sandy bottom.  Notice what you see as you sink down, notice the calmness and quiet deep within, as you reach the centre of your self, settle your attention there.
  2. Spiral staircase.  Imagine that within you is a spiral staircase, winding down to your very centre.  Starting at the top walk very slowly down the staircase going deeper and deeper within yourself.  Notice the sensations as you do so.
  3. Breathing: Breathing in say to yourself “wise”, breathing out say “mind”.
  4. Asking Wise Mind a question: breathing in, silently ask a question, breathing out, listen for the answer.
  5. Asking is this Wise Mind?  Breathing in ask yourself which mind you are using.