Sorry for not blogging yesterday, it was a weird sort of day and I just didn’t sit down in the right mood to do so.

I woke up very late again, it is taking a while to get used to this new dose of olanzapine, much longer than I expected.  I had a quick shower and some porridge and went straight out to my ‘managing emotions’ class.

I don’t drive at the moment, mainly as the olanzapine makes me too drowsy and I wouldn’t want to risk it, so I take the bus everywhere.  I don’t mind the bus but the bus to the group is not ideal, I have to arrive an hour early because of the timings.  I really should make more of this time by bringing a book or my kindle but instead I wander around the shops trying not to buy things.

Whilst I was in a shop I saw a woman shoplift.  She had an open rucksack and just blatantly put something in it and then left the shop, I didn’t see what the item was and I really didn’t know what to do.  I pondered telling the staff but in the end didn’t.  What would you have done in this situation?

The group was okay, I’ll write up what we covered in a separate blog post as it is useful for me to do so.

I had a healthy salad and fishcake for dinner so all in all a pretty healthy day just need to incorporate some exercise somewhere in future, maybe I can use my spare hour to walk.

I hope everyone else is doing well.