You can only take care of your mind if you also take care of your body.  In general, people who take better care of themselves have fewer physical and mental health problems.  One of the best ways to manage emotional vulnerability is to look after your diet, sleep and do exercise.

The steps can be remembered as PLEASE skills:

  1. Treat PhysicaL Illness: take care of your body, see a doctor when necessary, take any medication.
  2. Balanced Eating: Eat the right amount at regular times in the day.  Stay away from foods which make you overly emotional.
  3. Avoid Mood Altering Substances – stay off illegal drugs and use alcohol in moderation, use caffeine with caution
  4. Sleep – get 7-9 hours sleep at consistent times.
  5. Exercise – aim for 20-minutes per day.

How do I do when it comes to PLEASE skills?

  1. I will see a doctor when needed and I take my medication daily.
  2. Diet – hmmm well I’ve posted about this a lot on here, it’s getting better but still isn’t ideal.  I need to focus on more clean eating and avoiding too much sugar.
  3. Mood altering drugs – the only thing I ‘take’ is caffeine.  I could reduce that to just one in the morning and eventually cut it out altogether.
  4. Sleep – I sleep too much if anything.  I could do with getting up at a regular time of day.
  5. Exercise – this is something I need to work on.  I am going to start with 5-mins per day and then build it up.