This is another piece of advice I picked up from the ‘Managing Emotions’ course I am doing.  Luckily I don’t get recurrent nightmares, I will have random nightmares occasionally but thankfully not very often.  However, in case anyone reading does have them regularly I thought I’d share this with you all.

Nightmare Protocol Step by Step

  1.  Practice relaxation techniques – progressive relaxation, paced breathing etc.
  2. Choose a recurring nightmare to work on.
  3. Write down your target nightmare, include as much detail as you can including sensory descriptions, feelings and thoughts
  4. Choose and write down a changed outcome for the nightmare – this should be before anything traumatic happens in the nightmare.
  5. Write down the full nightmare with the changes
  6. Rehearse and relax each night before going to sleep – run the new dream through your head with the changes in place
  7. Rehearse and relax during the day.  Visualise the changed dream as often as possible.