I slept in for far too long this morning and didn’t even wake up until 10am.  I think it is because I took my Olanzapine later than I normally do.  I took it later because I went out to the ‘Action for Happiness‘ event yesterday evening.

It was an interesting evening, the course is actually over 8 weeks and looks at some big questions that I’ll write up as separate blog posts for my own records.

Other than going to the course I didn’t really achieve much yesterday, I am still quite drowsy from the increased olanzapine dose, it has been a week now so I really am hoping it settles soon.

I don’t really have anything exciting planned for today, I really need to clean my house as I have neglected it over the past week and I’m not sure I even have any clean plates left!

I do at least feel like I am starting to come back up the other side.