I didn’t post anything yesterday, which is the first day I haven’t posted on this blog since I started.  I really haven’t been in a good place at all the past few days.  Upping my Olanzapine has knocked me out more than I expected but I think I’m coming out of the other side now.

Yesterday afternoon I went to the ‘managing emotions’ course but I didn’t really actively participate but at least I went.  I did get some handouts which I’m going to try to write up on here in case they are useful for people.

Today I was supposed to attend a meeting at work but I missed it due to my anxiety and drowsiness from the drugs.  I think that might be the last straw and can see them getting rid of me now.  However, in the long run it might be the best thing as it will let me concentrate 100% on my recovery which I can’t at the moment with work hassling me.

Later today I am booked on an Action for Happiness course so at least I’m getting out of the house again.