It is my birth right to live fully and freely.

-Louise Hay

For me this comes down to choices.  I am free to make choices and live the life I want to. Everything can be broken down to choices I have made, both positive and negative things.  However, this also means the future is down to my choices too.  No matter what happens, I have a choice as to how I react or feel about situations.

Yesterday was quite a tough day.  I was quite zombified from the increased medication dose for most of the day and didn’t really achieve much.  Then later in the afternoon, someone from work called round unexpectedly which set off a massive panic attack that took hours to settle.  I ended up taking some of my emergency diazepam to help.  Work is something I do need to face but this has shown me that I’m still not ready.  They want me to go into a meeting with them on Wednesday and I honestly don’t know if I can do it.  At the moment I just feel like quitting.

Today I have my daughter with me all day so I know I’ll be better, plus the sun is shining which always lifts me.