“I now accept and appreciate the abundant life the Universe offers me”

– Louise Hay

Today’s affirmation is all about appreciation.  I take it as meaning a few things, appreciation and gratitude for people who live alongside you and appreciation for the natural world.

I am extremely grateful for the supportive people in my life, my small group of friends, my ever-loving and amazing partner and the time I spend with my daughter.  I don’t have many local friends yet but that is changing slowly with the effort I am putting into using meetup.com but I have people I know I can turn to who live away from me.  In about a month’s time I will be going back for the weekend to spend some time with them and I can’t wait!

As for my partner, I don’t like to talk about him too much on here but I’ll share a few details.  He is an American living in the USA, we hope to get him a visa to mover over here but the UK requirements are quite strict (and mega expensive) so it’s a slow process.  He is amazing though, we communicate daily and have been doing this for over 4-years now starting as friends and I trust him 100%.  He listens, he doesn’t judge, he cheers me up, he’s supportive and most of all he understands me.  I know I’m not the easiest person to deal with at times with my mood swings and erratic behaviour but he seems to see past all that.  I don’t know where I’d be without him.

Now for the journal bit….yesterday wasn’t a great day.  I have horrendous PMS and it made my anxiety rocket so I was very jittery all day.  I ended up watching ’13 reasons why’, I’m only on episode 6 so no spoilers please!  I also scoffed an entire bag of chocolate revels but I’m blaming my period.  I did complete my mental cleanse challenge which I need to write about and also did some puzzles from my puzzle book.  Not a very productive day but at least I cooked and did something.

Today is going to be an interesting day as I’m starting a new ‘managing emotions’ group therapy this afternoon.  My CPN put me forward for it so I’m excited and a little anxious about starting.  I’ll let you know if I learn any good tips.