“I am always presented with new and wonderful opportunities.  I flow with what is happening in the moment.”

-Louise Hay

Today’s affirmation is about being in the moment and opportunities.

I have just done a ten-minute mindfulness meditation and it is something I am incorporating into my daily life in order to try and be in the present more.  If I am in the present more it means I am worrying about the past and future less.  It also means I can spot the opportunities that are presented to me.

Opportunities is something interesting to me at the moment.  I am unsure what is going on with my teaching job at the moment, since they found out about my bipolar disorder I am having to go to occupational health to prove my fitness to teach.  I suspect they will end up getting rid of me as teaching has a long way to go to catch up with the mental health anti-stigma movement.  I should have been honest about my condition with them at the start but I was scared they wouldn’t employ me so I kept it hidden.

However, I am trying to see this as a new opportunity.  I have an idea for a new career direction and business I want to set up and this may be the perfect opportunity to do so.  I am feeling better than I have done in a while and so am trying to use this energy in a positive way.

If all else fails I can fall back on supply teaching for money, there are always vacancies there.

I am proud of myself that I am not getting stressed and anxious about this.  What will be, will be.  I am flowing with what is happening in the moment!

Speaking of moments, yesterday was a good day.  I did some work on my counselling course in the morning and am nearly ready to start writing the first assignment, I just need to do a bit more reading first which I’ll hopefully get done today.  I then went to the meetup.com meal which was a lovely experience.  I was quite anxious but I walked there to get rid of some of the anxiety and we had a great meal.  I had salt and pepper fried squid followed by a roast lamb shank with a Yorkshire pudding.  It was really good food and really good company, I laughed a lot.

Today I will be on my own for the whole day and it’s raining quite heavily so may stay inside all day.  That’s okay though, I have lots to occupy me and I’ll hopefully speak to my partner later on the phone so I won’t be totally alone.