I have been secretly hoping to be nominated for this tag as I saw the post where Cheila started this tag and I thought it looked so much fun.  So, I was delighted to accept the nomination from Invisibly Me who is such a lovely and supportive blogger, she always leaves such heartfelt and helpful comments.


[  Rules  ]

  • Do a blog post showing your Tag;
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  • Always thank the person who nominated you, provide a link to their blog and, if you like, say something positive and supportive about their blog;
  • Choose 5 bloggers that you don’t know very well or that are just starting their blog;
  • Go over to their blogs and read a few posts, like and comment;
  • Say 3 things you love about their blogs; (3 things for each blogger);
  • Those 5 bloggers are automatically nominated to do the same!

As I write mainly about my bipolar I am going to use the wordpress reader to find 5 new blogs (new to me) about bipolar and read them…..I’ll be back soon!

  1. Believe more deeply – a blog full of quotes, poems about bipolar and mental illness.  It is incredibly stylish to look at, inspirational and very easy to read.
  2. Letter Never Meant to be Delivered – a journal style blog in which the author writes what it is like to live with mental illness.  I love the openness, honesty and emotion in the writing.
  3. Find Bipolar– I was drawn to this one as it is written by a teacher too.  I like the fact that it is a brand new blog, only 8 days old and I am interested in the direction it is going to take.
  4. On the Cusp – again a very new blog but I like that this is written from the perspective of someone who has a partner with bipolar.  I think I am going to learn a lot from this blog.
  5. A Ruined Life – another blog that is written by someone with bipolar.  I find the honesty of this person’s writing very readable, I can relate to what they are going through.