I decided to do a bit more reading from the edx wellbeing course I enrolled on.

The section I am currently on is about ‘Positive Psychology’.

Positive psychology is the science of looking at what makes people flourish instead of the more traditional approach which focused on what goes wrong.  In the past psychologists worked with people to get them from a state of illness to a functioning level.  The positive approach instead looks at the flourishing end of the spectrum.  Martin Seligman is considered one of the founders of this modern approach although you can see glimpses of it right back to the Ancient Greek times.

Positive psychology is not about ‘denying’ your problems. The power comes from coping well with your painful experiences: by parking them, or working through them or shifting attention to the ‘good’ things in your life.

It helps you identify your talents and bring out the best in yourself.  It has also been shown in studies that it increases our ability to think more clearly and is associated in the long term with better health and well-being.

Ways to include positive psychology in your life….

  • Think about times when you have been at your best, what skills did you use?
  • Make a list of your talents and skills
  • Ask someone else to list your talents and skills
  • Notice when you feel positive, make a note of it in a journal or blog, re-read it often
  • Practise gratitude
  • Make lists of things that have gone well that day
  • Look for the good in each situation
  • Stay mindfully in the present
  • Know your own strengths and find work related to them