In one of the many books I am reading at the moment (I can’t remember which, I think it is the ‘You’re a Badass’ book by Jen Sincero) it asks a question ‘How often do you do the things you love?’.

We are on this planet such a short time we should be doing the things we love as much as possible but so often the things we actually enjoy doing are the things we don’t make time for.  We, and by we I mean me included prioritise the wrong things.

Therefore from this day forwards I am making a promise to myself and I am going to plan to do the things I love and place a high priority on these things.  I’m going to stop my bipolar and anxiety being the excuse to not do them.

So, what do I love to do?

  • Having meals out in restaurants – I love food and cooking but I also love the experience of eating out.
  • Cooking new recipes
  • Walks in the fresh air.
  • Reading and getting lost in a book
  • Travel
  • Watching movies
  • Painting
  • Online courses

“Give yourself the gift of a joyous life while you’re still living”

– unknown but I’ve written it in my notebook and it seems appropriate here.