Today I did yoga again for the first time in months.  I just felt in the right place to do it effectively.

I have my own yoga mat and so just did a youtube session (Yoga with Adrienne – she’s fabulous).  My plan is to build up again at home and then get back into going to the local class, at the moment I don’t feel ready to do it in public.  I have issues with how much weight I have put on so just feel safer doing it at home at the moment.

Anyway, it felt great and my mind and body always feel much better after it.  I therefore am writing this as a reminder of the benefits and to remind myself that it does make me feel good!

There are many positives to yoga:

  • I don’t need to buy any new equipment to do it
  • I can do it without anyone seeing me
  • It improves my strength
  • Improves flexibility
  • Eases my back pain
  • Protects bones
  • Gets my blood flowing
  • Makes me feel energetic
  • Good for stress
  • Helps my concentration
  • May help me lose weight
  • Improves my balance and posture
  • Release tension in my muscles
  • Helps me sleep better
  • Is a form of meditation for me
  • Calms my anxiety
  • Keeps my bipolar stable
  • Is a form of self-care

So now I have no excuse to keep on doing it!