I’m interested to hear from any of you who have successfully implemented a morning routine.

I read ‘The Miracle Morning‘ book a while back but haven’t got round to actually implementing yet.  I think it would help me in the morning and get the day off on the right track.  I do struggle in the mornings though, mainly due to the drowsiness of my medication.  I take Olanzapine at night and it helps me sleep really well but I do find that in the morning I still feel a bit groggy.  Also, as I’m not working at the moment I do find that I have zero motivation to get up early in the morning.  When I was working I needed to be up at 6am everyday and it did help me with my routine.

This is how I’d like my routine to look:

  • Wake up, drink a glass of water
  • Meditate – use headspace app
  • Drink a cup of herbal tea
  • Write/blog
  • Work on my plan for life – goals, targets etc
  • Do some yoga/go for a walk
  • Read something inspiring

That seems like a lot but it is 7 small steps to getting the mornings how I’d like them.  I also want to get into the habit of waking up at the same time each day so I’m going to try adjusting the time I take my meds and setting my alarm clock.  It’s all good practise for when I go back to work.