Number 5 on my mental cleanse challenge was to have a cup of tea in silence.

I have my daughter with me at the moment as it is Spring Break and so no school.  She’s also poorly at the moment, just some sickness bug so neither of us slept well.  As she was so tired and wiped out from all the vomiting in the night she had a nap on the couch earlier.  I took advantage of this to sneak out of the room and have a cup of tea on my own in the kitchen.  It wasn’t quite silence but I was away from all distractions and had just 5-minutes or so to sit and think.

As it was my Nanna’s birthday I sat and thought about all the good times we had together.  She really was a fantastic person and stepped up to the Mum role when we needed her to.  She was however a coffee not a tea fan so in true tribute I should really have had coffee!