I have written before about the big picture of life, we’re here etc.  Like I explained there, I consider myself an atheist in terms of what I believe.

However, the ‘You are a Badass’ book by Jen Sincero talks very early on about spirituality and believing in a higher energy or force.  She calls it a few things: energy, the Universe, God, the motherlode amongst others.  The book mentions the law of attraction – focus on what you want and you shall attract that which makes you feel good, how everything has a certain frequency and vibration attracts like vibration.

This stops my thinking in it’s tracks!

My background is Science, biology and physics mainly.  So when I see talk of energy, vibration and attraction I question it in a scientific way.

Claims like:

The Universe will match whatever vibration you put out. And you can’t fool the Universe.

make me stop and say wooooooah!

I just can’t get into this way of thinking.  I am open minded but I am stuck in a science mind.

Then I question, do we need a higher spiritual way of thinking to be happy?

I meditate and go into a trance like state and I find it relaxing and thought clearing.  Is this enough?

I also do believe in the power of positive thinking but in more of a brain rewiring point of view rather than being in tune with the universe way.

I’d love to hear what other people think?  Can you think scientifically and ever be truly happy?  Can an atheist ever truly be happy?