Today’s challenge is to sit and read uninterrupted for at least 30-minutes.  This is going to be a challenge for me as my concentration span isn’t great and I get distracted easily at the moment.

The book I have chosen to start is ‘The Year of Living Danishly.  I just browsed the kindle books until something caught my eye.  Living Danish has become trendy with the popular concept of Hyyge over the winter so I’m intrigued as to what else the Danes have to offer the world of happiness.  Apparently they are the most happy nation in the world so they must be doing something right.

Here goes……


I did it.  I managed 30-minutes non stop reading and read all the introduction and first chapter.  It seems a very funny book but I haven’t learned a great deal about happiness and Denmark yet, it is more an account of the author’s life.  I’ll come back and read some more later on, I just wanted to prove to myself that I can concentrate on one thing for 30-minutes.