I’m reading ‘You are a badass’ by Jen Sincero.

The introduction makes an interesting point about the difference between wanting change and actually deciding to change.  I often read things and think ‘that would be nice’ but never actually implement the behaviour to actually do it.  

I have so many ideas about things I want to. Now is the time to make steps to do them! We live a short life, time to make every minute count!

The book talks about fear and stepping out of your comfort zone to make the change.  I am ready to do this!  I am ready to start doing things I have never done before in order to live a new life.

I have an idea for a career and business I want to run. I don’t want to be off sick and claiming benefits for the rest of my life. Like I said, life is too short.  I want to live a new life and that means trying new things.

The end of the introductory chapter asks you to believe in a world of limitless possibilities and I do. More importantly I am beginning to feel worthy of those possibilities.