Our brains are so complicated. They do so much every day that we don’t even notice. They have been programmed since we were in our mother’s womb and they continually get rewired each moment of each day.  They utterly fascinate me.

The most hopeful thing I have just written is that they can be rewired. This must give everyone reading hope. How you and I feel right now is not permanent, we can always change.  

How we think and feel right now is down to a mixture of genetics, early upbringing and our life stories. This is where the conscious versus subconscious battle ocomes in.  

The conscious mind is that which we are aware of. We here its thoughts and we can challenge them. 

The subconscious is more dangerous in some ways as it takes in thoughts from the day we were born and cannot filter them like our conscious can.  If our parents were far from ideal, the scars are left in the subconscious.  It is where our core beliefs, both good and bad, lay and it is more difficult (not impossible) to challenge and change them.

In  order to change and challenge our subconscious we must first become aware of it.  

I hope by blogging and reflecting on my thoughts I start this process of self awareness.