The first week is done and I’ve lost 4lbs 🙂

As you know from my post last week I am making a huge effort with what I eat in order to lose some of the olanzapine weight.  I had set myself a goal of 2lbs per week so I am more than happy this week.  I do know you tend to lose weight faster to begin with though so I’m optimistically cautious.

I didn’t stick 100% to my meal plan as I found I had leftovers to last longer than planned but the general sentiment of plant based has been there.  I have had one dish of fish this last week but the rest (except occasional milk in coffee whilst out) has been plant based.  My slip ups have been ordering a latte when I should have gone for regular coffee with less milk and then I had a slight binge on Saturday when I found myself eating peanut butter from the jar.  I’ve successfully otherwise avoided junk.

My meals for next week which is more or less the same as last week, may alter during the week as I find new recipes:

Monday  – Breakfast – porridge with a pear, Lunch – hummus wrap, Dinner – kale soup and roll, snacks – brazil nuts, melon

Tuesday – Breakfast – Green smoothie, Lunch – bean tortilla wrap (need to take with me to the women’s group), Dinner – baked salmon with salad, snacks – pumpkin seeds and blueberries

Wednesday – Breakfast – banana smoothie, Lunch – kale soup and roll, Dinner – veg burger and salad, Snacks – grapes, pears

Thursday – Breakfast – porridge, Lunch – hummus and falafel wrap (take with me), Dinner – pasta with lentil bolognese, Snacks – brazil nuts, dried mango

Friday – Breakfast – porridge, Lunch – kale and lentil salad (take with me), Dinner – salmon with couscous, snacks – cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes

Saturday – Breakfast – fruit smoothie, Lunch – carrot and avocado salad, Dinner – leftover pasta bolognese.  Snacks – hazelnuts, grapes

Sunday – Breakfast – porridge, Lunch – couscous salad, Dinner – baked sweet potato with hummus.  Snacks – dried mango, brazil nuts.