I have just read this post on Muddly Mum’s blog.

It has made me think about how my sex drive changes with my bipolar illness.  When I am in a period of mania my sex drive is incredibly high and I take reckless decisions like stopping my birth control without telling anyone.  In fact, I have had to come off the birth control pills and have an IUD fitted so that I can’t alter my contraception when I’m ill.

When I’m depressed, sex is far too much of an effort and I can go weeks and months without any thought of sex.

At the moment I am in a long distance relationship (I’m in the UK him in the USA) and so sex is just me erm loving myself most of the time but I definitely can still use my sex drive as a way of measuring my mood.  Let’s just say I get through more batteries when I’m high!

Thankfully, I haven’t been really manic for a few years now as my elated and depressed sex drive has caused major relationship problems in the past.  I really don’t want to go down that path again.

Does anyone else notice a big change in their sex drive with their bipolar?