Yesterday I set my goals for this 30 day challenge.

Today is face mask day.

I am using the LUSH (my favourite cosmetics shop) mask of magnamity which I love.  It is minty, cleansing and gives you skin that clean tingly feeling after.  I love LUSH products (not sponsored by them – I wish!) as they are cruelty free and they are made with ingredients that don’t just sound like a chemistry class.

However, one thing I don’t like about LUSH is the over friendly staff!  I feel like I get bombarded with them when I go into a shop.  I know some people like that friendly personal service but with my anxiety I like going into a shop and getting back out as quickly as possible.  I don’t blame the staff, it’s what they’re expected to do I just wish you could opt out!

Anyway, back to the pampering.  I’m combining the mask with my bath bomb that I got in last month’s blurt Buddybox that was a treat to myself for being on the recovery path.