How lucky do you think you are?

For me luck means those things we can’t control.  I will start by saying I don’t believe we can change our luck by using lucky charms etc.  I think it is completely out of out control.

I have lots of areas in which I have been lucky.  I am lucky to be born in the UK, I was lucky to have a healthy baby, I am lucky that I am physically well, I am lucky that I have a partner who cares and loves me.

There have also been areas where I have been unlucky.  I was unlucky to have parents who divorced, unlucky to have an alcoholic mum, I do think I am unlucky to have a brain chemistry which sometimes goes wrong.

I think it is important that we recognise the role of luck in our lives but the key thing is how we react to our fortunes: good and bad.  This can be difficult with things that are out of our control as we seem to naturally want to feel as in control as possible.  There are however things we can do:

  • Be prepared.  Accept luck happens in both good and bad ways, we can never predict what will happen to us. However, we can prepare by having an arsenal of self-care weapons available to us for when things go wrong.
  • Don’t fall for advertising and quick fixes.  There will be people and companies who try and sell us things to help us stay in control.  They will sell us a fairy tale story but this isn’t always the case in real life.
  • Create as many good opportunities as possible.  Meet people, travel, visit new places try and increases our odds of something good happening.
  • Know your own faults.  Accept we aren’t perfect, love and embrace our negative points too.  For example, I know my weight is currently a problem so I am working on it to improve my health chances later down the line.

For me luck is a positive and negative.  It is hard to accept there are some things I’ll never have control of.  I will die one day and I have no idea when or how that will happen.  However, whilst I am here I can try and improve my life chances and that has to be a good thing!