I first came across this challenge on Megan P’s blog. ย She got the idea from elsewhere but the basic idea is you do something each day to help look after your mental health in a self-care type way.

I am already doing the #365daysofselfcare campaign on twitter but I like the idea of doing as much self-care as possible!

So here is my April 30 day list:

  1. Set goals for this challenge
  2. Face Mask
  3. Go for a long walk
  4. Read for at least 30-minutes
  5. Have a cup of tea in silence
  6. Journal for 15-minutes
  7. Take a long bubble bath
  8. Do a workout
  9. Make a gratitude list
  10. No computer before 2pm
  11. Unfollow and unfriend uninspiring people
  12. Write down 3 good things about the day
  13. Delete apps from my phone
  14. Clear inbox
  15. Focus on eating slowly
  16. Meditate for 20-minutes
  17. Cook an extra special meal
  18. Sit in the garden
  19. Watch a good movie
  20. Pedicure
  21. Compliment someone
  22. Do a yoga workout
  23. Mindful eating
  24. Go to bed early
  25. Unsubscribe from marketing e-mails
  26. Try a new herbal tea
  27. Sketch or colour
  28. Have a good stretch
  29. Manicure
  30. Write a letter to myself