Last month I set myself some targets so it is time to reflect on them and set some new ones for April.

  • I have been out of the house MOST days.  There has been the occasional day where i have stayed in and so I didn’t manage this 100%.  However, I can see a vast improvement in this.
  • I have written on my blog MOST days, there were some days at the beginning of March that I didn’t manage but I am really happy with how this is going.
  • I have meditated MOST days.  Again not a 100% but I am managing 10-mins most days and again I can see an improvement.

So, altogether I’d give myself an 8/10 and things towards the end of the month are better than at the start, which has to be good.

April Targets:

My three new targets are:

  • Comment on at least three blogs every day to build some connections.
  • Walk for at least 30-minutes each day.
  • Stick to my meal planner.