I need my medication to function.

I don’t feel ashamed in saying that, I have tried managing my condition without medication and it was disastrous.

Therefore, the anti-medication rhetoric that is around makes me feel uncomfortable.  Take this article on mindbodygreen for example.  It is six questions you should ask yourself if you take daily medication and to me, it seems to frame medication as a habit to kick rather than life-altering.

Here are my answers to their six questions:

  1.  Am I experiencing any side effects?  The major one is weight gain but I am now getting on top of that with a change in diet and exercise.  On balance I would rather be well and functioning and so it is something I am willing to put up with.
  2. What lifestyle changes could I make instead?  This question really annoys me.  I cannot make the lifestyle changes without the medication as I’d be in bed all day or so manic that I’d not be functioning.  In the long run would I love to just meditate instead of popping pills?  Of course, but at the moment I can’t just stop the tablets.
  3. Have I re-evaluated my medication in the past year?  Yes and I have concluded that I still need it as when I did stop taking it I got very ill.
  4. Does my medication put me at any risk of vitamin deficiencies?  Not that I know of but I now eat a healthy balanced diet so should be safe.
  5. Am I taking medication that is ‘as needed’ too often?  No, my diazepam falls in this category but with the help of my regular medication I don’t need this too often.
  6. Have I become dependent on my medication?  Again, I don’t like the way this one is phrased.  Yes I am dependent in the fact that I’m unwell without it.  Is this a bad thing?  No!

So, yes I have thought a lot about medication and safely conclude that I do need mine for the time being anyway.