I struggle with enjoying happiness.

This may sound totally weird to some of you but I’m hoping to try and explain my thoughts.

Last night I went down to a local bar to meet some friends from my meetup group.  I had one small glass of wine and lots of good conversation.  When I came home I had so much energy, I was literally buzzing.  It could have been the wine but I doubt it as I really did only have one glass over a long period of time.  When I got in I found myself singing along to some music and doing a bit of cleaning.

Then suddenly I stopped.

I began to really panic that I was getting manically high.  I could no longer enjoy the happy buzz I had.

Now in all reality I wasn’t too up as usually when that happens it goes on and on and I can’t just stop myself like I did last night.  However, it means I seem to no longer be able to enjoy the happy moments.  I was happy, just happy, not high or manic but it caused me to panic.

Does anyone else with bipolar have these feelings?  Any tips on learning to enjoy happiness again?