I am so tired and drained today.

I’ve had two medical appointments in two different places today and now I’m home I feel exhausted.

The first was with occupational health, basically they are the people who I need to convince if I’m ready to go back to work or not.  At the moment they say I’m not fit for work and they want to reassess me in a month.  I know that’s sensible but a big part of me just wants to get back to a fully functioning adult.  But I know if I rush back, I’ll end up sick again.

The second was with my lovely GP for my fortnightly check-in with her.  We had a good chat about how I’m having more good days now and my worries about my weight.  She’s referring me to a local NHS weight loss programme to see if they can offer any help.  SHe weighed me and I’m much heavier than I thought I was and my BMI is way too high 😦  But I’ll try to not let that get me too down.

I’ve actually been really good with food so far today but now I’m flagging and craving chocolate.  I’ll be good and just make myself a cup of tea and maybe do some reading to distract myself.

I will be good, I will be good, I will be good…..