March 26th 2017.

I am overweight and therefore physically unhealthy.  I have blogged about this already and tried to make some plans but they aren’t working.  I am still binge eating junk but still blaming my medication.

Today, I spoke to my partner about it and he is going to support me through a weight loss plan.  I feel like I need some help with it.  I am about 30 pounds overweight but my initial goal is to lose just 10.  This will make a huge difference to me physically if I can do this and as I learned the other day, physical health really does prop up our positive energy stores.

So my plan is to lose 2lbs a week and so losing 10lbs should take me 5-weeks.

I am going to blog about what I eat and my weekly weight stats.

My meal plan for this week is going to be plant based with some fish, all drinks will be water and is as follows:

Monday  – Breakfast – porridge with a pear, Lunch – black bean tortilla wrap, Dinner – lentil sloppy joes, snacks – brazil nuts, hummus and carrot sticks

Tuesday – Breakfast – Green smoothie, Lunch – bean tortilla wrap (need to take with me to the women’s group), Dinner – bean chilli and rice, snacks – pumpkin seeds and blueberries

Wednesday – Breakfast – banana smoothie, Lunch – leftover sloppy joes, Dinner – salmon and green salad, Snacks – grapes, pears

Thursday – Breakfast – porridge, Lunch – hummus and falafel wrap (take with me), Dinner – pasta with lentil bolognese, Snacks – brazil nuts, dried mango

Friday – Breakfast – porridge, Lunch – kale and lentil salad (take with me), Dinner – leftover salmon with couscous, snacks – cashew nuts, cherry tomatoes

Saturday – Breakfast – fruit smoothie, Lunch – carrot and avocado salad, Dinner – leftover pasta bolognese.  Snacks – hazelnuts, grapes

Sunday – Breakfast – porridge, Lunch – couscous salad, Dinner – baked sweet potato with hummus.  Snacks – dried mango, brazil nuts.