I have picked up yet another ‘self-help’ book.  This time ‘Teach Yourself Essential NLP‘ as it was reduced to £3 in a local bookstore.

Although I have heard about NLP I have never looked at it in any detail before but essentially what I understand is that it is a way of reprogramming your brain in a more positive way.

The very first exercise that it gets you to do in the book is to think about a memory that’s slightly uncomfortable for you, mentally replay what happened and then to take on the role of a movie director and change that memory, maybe adding comical music or special effects, you then replay the memory as yourself and hopefully in the future you won’t feel the same about your memory.

I have a lot of memories that are beyond slightly uncomfortable and so it is quite hard to choose something that isn’t mega painful but that I also want to change.

In fact it is proving to be impossible and I can’t get into this technique at all at the moment but may come back to in in the future.

Has anyone else tried using NLP?  If so, did you find it useful or not?