I’m about 200 miles from London, so nowhere near the dreadful events of yesterday.

However, I still feel a huge sense of solidarity with those caught up in it all.  I have visited London many times, probably an average of once a year and I regularly walk near Parliament when I go.   I have walked over the bridge where people were knocked down, I have taken my daughter over that bridge too.

There were people going about their everyday business, people on a school trip, people with friends and families.

This attack makes me feel a little less safe in the world, even though we all suspected the UK would be hit again at some point.

Terrorism is a cowards game.  Those people were easy targets.  People who commit these crimes are the most cowardly types I can imagine.

They want to scare people.  Well it won’t work with me.  I will visit London again even with my anxiety as to change your behaviour in response to something like this is letting them win.  They will not win.

My thoughts are just with the families and people who were affected yesterday.