According to this article from the guardian, yes it can.

I am very lucky to live near a great country park and near the coast so I have access to nature on a daily basis if I want to.  That’s the difficult part, the motivation and wanting to.  It’s great saying nature reduces depression but it neglects the reduced motivation a lot of people with depression have.

One of my targets for March was to get outside at least once a day.  I have manged this probably 90% of the time, I have still had a couple of days where I haven’t left the house at all.  Some days my anxiety and lack of motivation have been too strong to beat.

However, reading this article has made me realise how important this is.  Not only getting outside but getting regular contact with nature.  I will try harder!

I am meeting someone later for coffee, someone who has kindly offered to help me run a meetup group and I am going to set off a little earlier to walk the scenic route there.