Before I discovered the benefits of blogging, painting was my main form of self help.

My purple owl logo is one my paintings that I did with the help of the ‘Art Sherpa‘.  I have the Art Sherpa to thank for getting me back into painting.

At school I always loved Art but because I was academic and gifted at science and maths I was never allowed to choose it as an option.  I think thankfully things are less streamlined now and more kids are getting a chance to follow their hearts as well as their brains.

I didn’t really get back into any form of art until I got really sick and ended up as an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital.  Whilst I was there one of the only ways to occupy your time between appointments was the art room.  It helped me enormously at this point as it gave me a creative outlet for my feelings but also a massive source of distraction from the suicidal thoughts.

I like to paint happy cheerful images, here are some more of my paintings:

I also like to paint for those that I love.

Here is a painting I did for my partner:


And another I did for my daughter:


I’m actually doing an online distance learning degree which is art based, not that I think I’m good enough to do so!  It is more technique based and I am working on a drawing module at the moment, it is teaching me so much and really pushing me out of my comfort zone.

This is my latest assignment piece, based around the concept of depression and well-being.  There are objects in there that represent my life – mother and daughter sculpture, a crab for my partner (they’re from his part of the world), incense holder for meditation, pills, paintbrushes, books and a journal:


Does anyone else use art as a form of therapy?