What are your early warning symptoms?

One of my big ones is that I let me house get very messy and unclean.  My cleaning schedule disappears, I run out of clean clothes and clean plates and the rubbish builds up.

At the moment as I’m off work I am spending more time in my house and it’s where I’m writing all these blog posts from so I am acutely aware of any mess around me.  Right now I have some unwashed dishes on the table next to me, a big pile of books and my daughter’s toys from last weekend spread everywhere.  I did do some washing up in the kitchen yesterday as that had gotten really disgraceful.

When I’m well and functioning properly I’m at work and so there is less chance to make a mess but I also clean regularly.  I’m a big fan of Flylady for cleaning routines and do try to stay on top of things that way.

The house hasn’t been as lean as I like it to be for about 4-months now so I don’t expect to get right on top of things overnight now I’m feeling a bit better but today I AM GOING TO MAKE A START.

Wish me luck……

PS.  I’d love any suggestions for good motivating cleaning songs to add to my spotify playlist too.