In a further attempt to tackle my loneliness I went to a reading group today.

The group was at the same place at the women’s group I went to and so I recognised a couple of people which helped.

A lovely lady runs the group and each week a short story and poem are selected to read through and then discuss.  Today we read ‘David Swan‘ by Nathaniel Hawthorne and ‘The Road not taken‘ by Robert Frost.  Both pieces of writing are really on a similar theme of choices and events that affect us.

In ‘David Swan’ the central character is a 20 year old travelling to Boston and he sleeps by a fountain whilst waiting for a cart to arrive.  Whilst he is asleep, various characters come across him and interact with him whilst he dozes.  David is unaware of their presence and so unaware of the possible chances he has missed.  The ‘Road not Taken’ is about life choices and which path we go down and again how we may miss events by taken an alternative path.

Both pieces of work have made me think.  How in control of our choices are we really?  Which of our the millions of choices we make are really the most significant?  I know I have made choices in the past which I regret but ultimately I can’t go back and choose differently so I have to accept the consequences of those choices.