I am lonely.

That can be quite a hard thing to admit to people, almost as difficult as saying I have bipolar disorder.  But it is true, I am lonely.

I spend too much time alone and there is no-one local to me who I would call a friend, no-one I can just pop round to visit, no-one to hang out with in my spare time.

I see my daughter Friday-Monday but the rest of the week I often don’t speak to anyone in person at all, especially since I’ve been off work.

When you think of lonely people you think of the old person living alone, maybe widowed and whose family live at a distance.  The image of a 35-year old female doesn’t often spring to mind immediately but I’m sure there must be more younger lonely people out there.

I do have my amazing partner and we communicate daily but (and I don’t think I’ve mentioned this on here yet) he currently lives in the USA whilst I’m in the UK.  We met online four and a bit years ago and have plans for him to move over here but until I’m more stable and in work full time this can’t happen – another very good reason to get well and stay well!

Due to mistakes and acts of self-sabotage I’ve lost the close friends I did have.  I don’t really have any school friends as I was struggling a lot back then with my family and mental health problems.

So, how does a 35-year old anxious bipolar sufferer make friends?  I did go to the women’s group yesterday and I will try to keep going to local support groups now I’m feeling a bit stronger.  I have wonderful online friends to keep me somewhat sane but I really would like some real life people too.  I am open to suggestions as to how to meet people!