I have been thinking this morning about why I am choosing to blog and why I am making my thoughts public.

  • As my own recovery journal.  This is by far the most important reason for my blog.  This blog is primarily for me and my own record of my mood, my recovery and how I am doing in life.  Therefore there will be times when I post a lot and there will be times when I don’t post much at all.  It may also mean that I jump around from topic to topic as I will post as and when I am thinking about something.  I want to be able to look back on certain posts and see what worked for me at certain times in my life.


  • To help others.  I know how mental health conditions can isolate you from other people and that sometimes it is easier to communicate with people online rather than face to face in person.  If this blog helps just one person feel less alone in their struggles then it will have done some good.


  • To show what living with mental illness is really like.  It can be difficult for people who have never suffered from any type of mental illness to empathise with people who do.  I want to help show what daily life is like with a mental health condition.  There are good days and bad days and deep down we’re just regular folk!


  • To make friends.  I do struggle with social activities in person but seem to be able to connect with people online so this blog may help me connect with people who go on to become new friends of mine.


  • As therapy.  For me writing is therapeutic, it helps me organise my thoughts and get things off my chest.  There are things I want to talk about that I have never told people in real life and I hope by writing about them it will bring some closure to them.