I first found out about mindfulness a few years ago from a beloved friend of mine who used it for his depression.  He became somewhat of a mindfulness evangelist and would recommend it to anyone whether they were depressed or not.  At the time I did find it very useful and I worked my way through a few mindfulness books and even signed up to a 4-week course at a local Buddhist centre.

However, like with all things when you suffer from depression it slipped away and I stopped practising daily mindfulness.  I have been meaning to get back into it now I’m on the recovery journey once more, sadly the friend who first recommended it has since passed away so I can’t turn to him for advice.  I did however find the ‘Headspace’ app in the google play store and upon reading a lot of positive reviews I am giving it a try.  The idea is you do a 10-minute guided mindfulness meditation each day.  10 minutes a day seems very reasonable and doable and so far I am on day 7 and have managed to stick to it once a day.  It’s too early to say if there is any remarkable change in my mood as a result of it and to be fair I’m making a lot of changes to my life at the moment so I will never know if it is the mindfulness that is helping or not.  There certainly seems to be increasing scientific evidence that it helps.

So, I’m curious.  Have any of you found practising mindfulness helpful for your depression?