bristol-mum-logoDear Mum,

I want to write to you to say that I forgive you.  I know your life hasn’t been easy and I am trying my best to understand the choices you have made.  It must have been difficult for you to find out your husband (my Dad) was cheating on you with another person and that you were now left with two young children to bring up yourself.

I’m sure when you first started drinking the feeling of being drunk washed away the feeling of pain that Dad had caused you and I’m sure that you thought it was helping you cope.  I understand now that I’m older than alcohol is addictive and that you drinking more and more each day to numb the pain is just because you’d built up such a high tolerance to it.

I won’t lie, your actions did cause me great hurt.  It was hard seeing you drunk every day, hard calling in work for you to make up an excuse as to why you weren’t going to work, it was also very hard hearing you say you wanted to drink yourself to death.  I know now this is because you were incredibly unwell.

I now also realise that you jumping from relationship to relationship was just a way of trying to bring some happiness in your life, the drugs too were just trying to find a way out for you.

I do forgive you as I now understand these are the actions of an ill person who needs help and I wish you would accept that help now before it it too late.

Lots of Love

Purple Owl.