This is an area I really struggle with on a day to day basis.  However it is something I have realised I need to make a bigger priority.

Earlier on, as you can tell from my last post, I was feeling incredibly anxious and on the verge of a big panic attack.  In the past I would have sat and moped and done nothing for the rest of the day.  However, I took it as a wake up opportunity.  I did a meditation on headspace which calmed me down and then I decided to focus on myself for a little while.

I had a soak in a hot bath, put on a face mask, washed my hair properly, scrubbed my teeth, shaved my legs, cut my nails, moisturised, dried my hair, put make up on, put on my favourite perfume and got changed into one of my favourite dresses.  It is amazing the difference just these small things can make to my attitude.  I have no particular reason to wear make up and a dress today, I have no plans to go out or see anyone but I needed to do it for myself.

When I am depressed, self care is one of the first things that starts to slip, I go to bed without brushing my teeth, don’t brush my hair for days, avoid showers, wear old lounge around clothes or my pyjamas and certainly never touch a make up brush.

It is now my mission to try and stick to a simple every day self care routine with extra pampering treats thrown in every now and again.  This doesn’t mean full on glam everyday, that really isn’t me but it does mean doing the basics like washing, dressing and brushing my teeth twice a day.